This I Like

“Things are going to get unimaginably worse, and they are never, ever, going to get better.”

Kurt Vonnegut


I am in love with this morning.

Dark and brittle and bone cold.

My warm mug and 3 big dogs,

Drew asleep upstairs

For just a bit more.

The sound of the waves

From my comfy couch.

I think I have finally found the right spot for it.

Stuff Mindy says

My sister sent me a text telling me that when her husband came home from work the other day she asked him “What are you doing home?” Apparently, he was like, “WTF?”

Now she asks him all the time…oh god, I’m dying here.

She told me to try it on Drew.  He did not think it was funny either.

Stuff Drew Says

While making our bed this morning while Drew dressed I asked “Would you still make the bed if I was dead?”

He said he would but probably wouldn’t use all of the accent pillows. “I’d probably use one and donate the rest.”  This cracked my ass up.

“Why not just use them all, they go with the bedding?”

To which he replied “I’d donate them in your name.” 

Okay then.